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Our financial accounting application has been in use since 1996. The principles of bookkeeping have remained the same, but the technology and user interface are constantly changing with the addition of new functionalities.

Bookkeeping services Računovodstvo Marinović d.o.o. and Buker d.o.o. are our first users. Among the loyal users we count Segro d.o.o., Zmajska posla d.o.o. and Cool Craft d.o.o. In the process of business digitization, we also support the company Amtest d.o.o. with our services.

Business Applications

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Accounting Software

The accounting application contains a general ledger with integrated analytics per customer. Posting takes place by importing data from other applications or by manual input. Bank statements are posted by processing camt.053 files and accounting according to IBAN and/or reference. Standard accounting reports are displayed on the screen or exported to pdf and excel.

The accounting package is complemented by a reporting package in excel with standard reports for the Tax Administration, as well as internal reports according to user needs.
The package is especially suitable for bookkeeping services.

Travel Orders

The travel orders application follows the process from the opening of travel orders, approval, filling of travel expenses, calculations and ends with posting and closing with payment. It enables storage of documentation along with recorded costs and notifications to each participant who is expected to take the next step in the process.

Report Manager

Through the intuitive interface, it is possible to create the structure of the financial report and create a report for financial accounting. More complex reports are prepared in cooperation with our experts.

Cash Flow Plan

The application shows a weekly overview of inflows and outflows for the next 12 months. In cooperation with the user, the layout of the report and the data source are defined. For users who keep financial accounting through our application, the report is prepared from accounting data.

Collection of accounts receivable

The application enables tracking of receivables collection and sending payment reminders to customers from up-to-date bookkeeping through our bookkeeping application. In cooperation with the user, it is possible to adapt the application to another data source.